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Therapeutic Yoga

Physical well-being comes even before mental well-being. If your body hurts, neither you can meditate nor concentrate. So this is our primary responsibility to improve our physical problems first. Cervical spondylosis, diabetes, lower back pain, etc are getting more common these days.

If you are diagnosed with a health problem or suffering from a certain ailment, Yoga can help you effectively. Though you should keep your formal treatments on, practicing Yoga side-by-side will gradually minimize your medicines.

My Therapeutic Yoga program is designed in such a way that you will feel better and see the improvements in your health within a few months. We will target the problem areas and soon your spondylosis, back pain, diabetes, etc improves.

Over time, you will find your medicines are getting minimized day by day and you are now using your own body to treat your body.

You will learn :

  • Specific Yogasanas
  • Specific stretchings
  • Supportive exercises
  • Pranayamas
  • Breathing exercises
  • Relaxation techniques

I offer both online and offline classes. Avail offline classes if you are living in Kolkata. For both cases, I offer a free demo class.

Program & Pricing

Personal 1-to-1 class :

  • Class : 3 days a week
  • Class duration : 1 hour
  • Class timing : As per your availability
  • Class type : Personal one-to-one
  • Eligibility : Anyone between 14 yrs to 50 yrs
  • Place : At your home in Kolkata or Online
  • Cost : Rs 5000/- monthly
  • A free demo class is available

Group class (online) :

  • Class : 5 days a week (Mon to Fri)
  • Class duration : 45 mins
  • Class timing slot 1 : 6:30 PM to 7:15 PM
  • Class timing slot 2 : 7:30 PM to 8:15 PM
  • Class timing slot 3 : 8:30 PM to 9:15 PM
  • Class type : Group class for girls
  • Eligibility : Only females between 14 yrs to 50 yrs
  • Medium : Online with Skype or Google Meet
  • Cost : Rs 3000/- monthly
  • A free demo class is available

Client Transformations

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